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We will gladly send our products to your current location. Please watch the videos below to explain you some of the packing and shipping process used. Please contact us for more information or if you have questions.


   12 pounds per box

   Minimum Order: one pallet (84 boxes)

   Ask for other packaging options


   36 bags per box
   84 boxes per pallet
   9 pallets per one container of 20 ft. (27.200 units)
   21 pallets per one container of 40 ft. (63.500 units)
   Pallet height 6.4 ft.
   Ask for other pallet options.


   Diferent sizes: 6” * 7”
   36 bags per box (Box measurements 13.4” *10.2”)
   Weight: from 3oz to 35oz
   Minimum Order: 15,000 units
   Ask for other packaging sizes